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Product Description

                                                        Rotary Furnace

With the development of modern iron and steel enterprise and the requirement of international competition, domestic and foreign iron and steel enterprises’ requirements for product quality control is improved. The finishing of rolling products, as an important annulus of process chain, is very important to the improvement of the products quality and the added value of iron and steel enterprises, more and more iron and steel enterprises paying attention to that.

In order to research and manufacture complete set of rolling finishing equipment, our company is self-development oriented, integrated by multi resources and extensive producing, studying, and researching cooperation. Through various flexible ways of development for the new products, new technology, and new technology, brought in mature scientific and technological achievements from domestic and foreign research institutes, after digestion absorption and re-innovation, we achieved very good results. Recent years we provided many rolling finishing lines for iron and steel enterprises in China, especially in the field of complete sets of equipment of medium and heavy plate finishing line, we take a big share in domestic market.

Metallurgy Products

Rotary Furnace ( Anode furnace, Oxygen bottom blowing furnace, reduction furnace)

Mixer Furnace

Slag Pot

Rolling Mill