CITICHL has various large and precision machining equipments such as: 6.5x18m CNC Movable Planner Boring & Milling Machine (Coburg Germany), Dia 260m CNC floor-mounted Boring & Milling Machine (Innse, Italy), Dia 16m CNC Double-column Vertical Lathe, Dia 12m Vertical Lathe ( Schiess Germany), Dia 6.2m CNC vertical machine center (Pietro. Carnaghi, Italy).

We can produce: Rotary part: 300t in weight and 16m in diameter for one piece. Shell part: 200t in weight and 6m in diameter, 18m in length for one piece. Shaft part: 100t in weight, 3.2m in diameter and 12m in length for one piece. Rectangular part: 6.5x5x18m, 250t in weight for one piece.

Our company is the base of producing heavy-duty low-speed gears in china, possessing the first-rate gear machining equipment such as: Dia 12m Gear Cutting Machine (Maag, Swiss), Dia 10m Hobbing machine (Modul, Germany), Dia 1.6m CNC Horizontal hobbing machine (Schiess, Germany), Dia 5m CNC Profile Gear Grinding Machine (Niles, Germany), Dia 4m CNC high speed hobbing machine (Gleason-PFAUTER, Germany) and Dia 2.8m Profile Gear grinding machine ( Gleason-PFAUTER, Germany). We can provide Dia 12m, module 70, 100t in weight girth gear and the reducer with the flank hardness over HRC57, precision GB/T10095 class 5 and transmission power 4500kw.